Welcome to the Phoenix chapter of the LSU Alumni Association

Our National Mission:

Protect, promote, and foster the welfare of Louisiana State University and to create and nurture mutually beneficial relationships between the University and its alumni and friends.

Our Local Mission:

Bring both alumni and fans of LSU together in the spirit of camaraderie, community and philanthropy.


Ole Miss Rebels visit LSU

14 Dec 2020

LSU will take on Ole Miss Saturday afternoon at Tiger Stadium. This game was originally scheduled to be played on December 5. This will be the final game of the 2020 season. Let’s celebrate the fact that it’s over. Kickoff is at 1:30pm Arizona time. Bring your friends to the patio at RT O’Sullivan’s in Scottsdale.

Please RSVP to Tracee if you plan to attend so the restaurant can staff accordingly.

And please abide by RT O’Sullivan’s guidelines for game watch events!

Guidelines for Game Watch Events

21 Sep 2020

Fans are invited to join LSU Alumni Phoenix at RT O’Sullivan’s at Hayden and Thomas Roads in Scottsdale for every LSU game this season. Due to the current state of Arizona Coronavirus guidelines there are specific rules in place this season. Please respect these rules at they impact the security of RTO’s liquor license. If you cannot follow the rules you will be asked to leave. These rules are fluid and may change week to week based on state guidelines.

Everyone must see the hostess to be seated. Do not walk in and seat yourself.

Guests must wear a mask at all times in the restaurant and on the patio EXCEPT when sitting at their table.

Guests may not move tables and chairs from their location. If you have more people joining you after you arrive, make sure you let the hostess know how many seats you will need.

If you arrive solo and do not have plans to sit with someone else, you will need to sit at the bar. Make your plans to sit with others in advance. Don’t assume others will be ok with sharing their table.

There is no standing allowed anywhere inside the restaurant or on the patio. You must be at your table at all times unless you are walking in/out of the restaurant or to/from the restroom. At those times, you need to be wearing your mask.

You can stand up to cheer. You cannot run across the patio and high five everyone. We know it will be challenging but please manage your celebrations accordingly.

The patio will be open for all games and booth seating inside is separated by plastic partitions with personal televisions for those who do not want to sit outside. Seating will be first come, first seated.

Please be aware of social distance between yourself and others at times you are not seated at your table.

Shaming or harassment of individuals who choose to participate in game watch activities and those who don’t will not be tolerated.

We look forward to watching the games with everyone in a safe and fun manner. Please review the guidelines each week as they may change.

Upcoming Events

14 Dec 2020
12/19/2020 LSU Football vs. Ole Miss in Baton Rouge, LA


Ole Miss Rebels vs. LSU Tigers

12 Dec 2020 at R.T. O'Sullivan's

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The LSU Phoenix Alumni group will meet at R.T. O’Sullivan’s in Scottsdale to watch the annual matchup between the Fighting Tigers and the Ole Miss Rebels.

Game time is 1:30PM MST. Check LSUSports.net for schedule updates.